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CD is for Sale! —“Messin’ With the Kid”—


At the age of 16 Kyle released his first CD titled “Messin’ with the Kid-A Tribute to My Blues Heroes”.  Comprised of local Sacramento musicians such as Mick Martin, tadalafil cialis Ray “Catfish” Copeland, generic cialis viagra sale and Jimmy Pailer.  Each song is a tribute to a handful of Kyle’s blues inspirations.  Produced by legendary Musician and radio personality Mick Martin, “Messin’ with the Kid” has been played throughout the European countries of Germany and Spain.


2012 CD cover

CD for SALE!—-“High Rollin’ with Kyle Rowland”– SOLD OUT !!!!!!!

This is Kyle Rowland Blues Band first CD, produced by world renown harmonica player, Rick Estrin and recorded live at legendary GreaseLand studios in May of 2012.  (Guitar: Kenny Marchese, Drums: Jeffery Minnieweather, Bass: Henry Oden,  Organ/piano done by Kevin Burton. Guest Guitarist: Kid Anderson)



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CD for SALE!—-“Alone in My Dark Room”–$10

Kyle’s latest record, “Alone in My Dark Room” is an acoustic album with Kyle playing both the guitar and harmonica as well as singing.  Writing a majority of the songs on this record,  Kyle captures rural Mississippi blues taking you on a musical journey through the deep south.  This album was recorded live at Tanglewood Studios in Loomis, California and produced by John Morris and Kyle Rowland in May of 2013.